What does McLaren Think of this Speedtail buildslot being open?

As expected, a build slot for the McLaren Speedtail has resurfaced online. The company selling the slot, Knight International, is a Dubai-based dealer of rare and exotic cars with models like the McLaren Senna GTR, Ferrari FXX-K with Evo upgrades, and a Mercedes-AMG Project One also in its inventory. The Speedtail build slot’s price wasn’t indicated as the transaction carries a “lawyer to lawyer with NDA” stipulation. Essentially, that’s lawyer-speak for "a lot of money."

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Somewhere in the world, someone is (probably) going to read this and think to himself, “maybe I can afford that McLaren Speedtail build slot.”

Whoever you are, we admire you for even thinking about buying this build slot. But the law of supply and demand eventually wins over, especially when it comes to a heavily hyped exotic that’s limited to just 106 units.

Even worse than that, all 106 allotments are spoken for, including this build slot.

So, how much is the slot going to cost? The ad posted by Knight International didn’t come with a figure, but a condition that the transaction would have to be agreed to by the respective lawyers of the company and the prospective buyer. The deal also comes with a non-disclosure agreement, which means that we’ll probably never know how much this build slot is going to sell for.

For the record, McLaren has priced the Speedtail at around $2.5 million per unit.

If you’re going to prepare an offer for Knight International’s Speedtail build slot, you’re going to have to bring a lot more than $2.5 million to the bargaining table. In fact, The Supercar Blog reports that one person with a build slot for the Speedtail was offered £8 million for his allocation. Do a little conversion exercise, and that amount converts to over $10 million for what is, literally, a piece of paper with, presumably, a confirmation number on it. Naturally, the prospective buyer got nothing more than a pat on the back.

If it’s true that a $10 million offer wasn’t enough for one build slot owner to sell his spot, there’s no telling how much Knight International is asking for its own build slot. $12 million? $15 million? Whatever it is, that McLaren Speedtail isn’t going to come cheap.

This is the world we live in now, though. Build slots have become the equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Automakers like Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Ford have made steps to curb the act of flipping slots for money, but it seems that the practice isn’t going away anytime soon.

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