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A Modern, Electric Porsche 928 Would Really Strengthen Porsche’s EV Lineup

A Brazillian Designer’s Vision Of A New Porsche 928 Might Be Foreshadowing a Future EV Flagship From Porsche

The Porsche 928 came in 1977 with the intention of succeeding 911. Although that never happened, the 2+2 gran tourer still left a mark and, even today, has a cult following. The recent transition to electrification on behalf of carmakers (Porsche included) suddenly created new opportunities for car companies to bring back iconic names. This is where ex VW designer Guilherme Knop, with help from CGI expert João Schendel, come in. Together, they created a hypothetical modern-day successor to the Porsche 928.

A Modern, Electric Porsche 928 Would Really Strengthen Porsche's EV Lineup Exterior
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An indeendent designer ma have hinted at what a potential 928 successor may be like

According to the Brazillian designer, now is the perfect opportunity to bring back the model. Porsche is usually associated with sports cars, above all else. The German brand, like other manufacturers, currently has two lineups – an ICE (internal combustion engine) lineup and an EV lineup.

If the 911 is Porsche’s flagship car for its ICE lineup, it only makes sense that the EV flagship should also be a 2+2 sports car.

Guilherme Knop’s inspiration came from the Tom Cruise movie “Risky Business” as well as the Brazillian-exclusive, rear-engine, Volkswagen SP2, which has similar proportions to the original 928. The (potential) successor to the 928 is noticeably bigger, as is the case with all newer models.

A Modern, Electric Porsche 928 Would Really Strengthen Porsche's EV Lineup Exterior
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Porsche is being silent on the matter, but it would make sense for the 928 to return as an EV

Initially, the designer laid his vision on top of the Panamera’s body, but realized it’s too big for a sportier 2+2 GT model. Given that he envisions the new 928 as an EV (don’t mind the exhaust tips on the images), the Taycan’s J1 platform is an obvious choice for his independent project.

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In true Porsche tradition, the hypothetical 928 successor bears a lot of resemblance to the original.

We still get the same long front end and rounded rear section, featuring the signature big rear hatch and triangular side rear windows. Of course, we get the obligatory big wheels and a clean-looking side profile with some sharper angles around the wheel arches. Overall, it’s a cleaner and more modern interpretation of the original Porsche 928 design.

We also get to see the designer’s vision of the interior. We are being treated to a digitalized cockpit with plenty of nods to the old model, the most obvious of which is the steering wheel, which features a two-spoke design and aluminum inserts. Instead of buttons, we see touch-sensitive surfaces. Literally, everything is digitalized, from the digital instrument cluster through the center touchscreen and center console touchpad, to the passenger display.

A Modern, Electric Porsche 928 Would Really Strengthen Porsche's EV Lineup Exterior
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The interior also has a few surprises

The hypothetical 928 successor is expected to have (somewhat) usable back seats, although we don’t have any images of them. Being an EV, it will also have two a trunk and a frunk, like a proper Porsche sports car, as some might be quick to point out. Although this is an independent project, we like the idea of the 928 returning as a 2+2 sports EV. The ball is in Porsche’s hands and considering how every now and then, the company is teasing us with interesting projects, we believe that a new 928 is quite possible.

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