What?! No, the title is not wrong. But wait! How can it be? Decide on something. Is a Mustang or it’s a Camaro? Well, it’s both actually. It’s a Camaro converted into a Mustang.

It features trans am type fender flares, custom spoiler, corvette rear lights, mustang front end, chevy nova front bumper, custom hand made rear bumper, custom hood scoop and leather 4 point harness seats.

Quite an impressive job!

A Mustang Camaro
- image 202612
A Mustang Camaro
- image 202613
A Mustang Camaro
- image 202614

Source: XModSource

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  (1) posted on 03.9.2012

Mind telling me How or Where you found the pictures of my buddies car, and posted them without permission? and why the hell you have MY soundsystem from my old 94 Mazda B3000? Take this down, you obviously know nothing about the car or my truck.

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