Lotus Eigne, design by David Fearnley, is an electric sports-car concept that wants to offer more practicality from the Lotus sports-car.

The exterior design of the Eigne channels air to the back of the car making it very aerodynamic, and improves the handling by creating extra down force thanks to the integrated spoiler from the back. The large intake from the car allows the cool air to reach the rear in-wheel motors.

A new concept car - Lotus Eigne
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The interior is also amazing! David Fearnley designed a very modern interior for the Eigne that can accommodate the driver in front (the weal is on the middle of the car), two adult passengers and a baby seat (positioned behind the driver and between the back seats). Because of the center seat the doors incorporate a section of the roof to allow access to the car.


Source: CarBodyDesign

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  (1) posted on 08.11.2008

Hi guys, thank you for adding my concept to your blog.

  (520) posted on 08.7.2008

interesting idea whit the seats arangement. great concept!

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