As expected, this EV looks smart, modern, but most importantly, a normal SUV and not some spaceship

Thanks to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we now know what the production-version Volkswagen ID.4 will look like. The crystal-clear images of the ID.4 were leaked by the department and show the exterior of the EV from all the angles.

The images were picked up by and also show the different wheel designs on offer. The all-electric SUV is due for launch later this year, but this is a nice surprise. Will this lead to Volkswagen launching the ID.4 any sooner?

How Does The Volkswagen ID.4 Look On The Outside?

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914872
The all-electric SUV looks quite sedate, unlike a futuristic vehicle, which generally is the norm when it comes to EVs. The ID.4 is mellowed down so much so that it looks tamer than the Atlas and the Tiguan.

This will ensure the SUV gels well with the current crop of cars on the road. The chrome accents on the slim grille upfront integrate into the headlights. A big Volkswagen logo is placed in between. There are vertically-placed air vents where fog lamps would be present generally. Unless they’re closed, they will direct air inside to cool the batteries. A wide air dam is present at the bottom with a honeycomb mesh design that might be open in a few places to let the air pass.

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914873

The side profile looks smart with plastic cladding on the wheels arches and at the bottom of the doors. The pillars are finished in black and gray tones and look classy. There are other themes here, too, which could be part of different packages on offer when the SUV is launched. The wing mirrors are mounted on the door, and coupled with a slim A-pillar, the blind spots should be contained to a large extent. The Tesla-esque recessed door handles will also make an appearance here.

The images also show five different wheel designs that will be available in China. If you observe closely, you can even see larger wheels with low profile tires. This will differ for each country, even though the ID.4 is a global design. We’ve seen the ID.4 driving on full-black, multi-spoke wheels as well.

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914871

The rear has a wide, squat stance and the top half is much leaner. This will help reduce the body roll and make the SUV more chuckable around the corners. The taillights have interesting elements inside the clusters. They are connected with a light bar that runs all the way along.

The black bumper adds to the sportiness of the SUV and is finished in a dual-tone shade. Overall, the electric SUV looks sporty and in-line with the current cars in terms of design and styling.

How Many Version Of The ID.4 Will We Have?

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914860
A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914862
Although the company has been pushing it as the ID.4 and not the ID.4 Crozz as it was announced before, the company has not let go of that name yet.

You can spot the ‘Crozz’ badge on the vehicle, which suggests that Volkswagen will be using it as a trim badge. The SUV will be produced in two different trims – the ID.4 Crozz and the ID.4X.

They will have differentiating factors, too, such as LED headlights and taillights, aesthetic accents on the body, bumper designs, and the biggest of all, the size difference. The dimensions of the ID.4 Crozz are:

Volkswagen ID Crozz exterior dimensions
Length: 180.8 inches (4,592 mm)
Width: 72.9 inches (1,852 mm)
Height: 64.1 inches (1,629 mm)
Wheelbase: 108.9 inches (2,765 mm)

The ID.4X will be 0.8 inches longer and 0.4 inches taller than the ID.4 Crozz. The width and wheelbase will remain the same, though.

What About The Powertrain And Battery Specs?

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914865

The ID.4 will be underpinned by the automaker’s MEB architecture. It is expected to be launched in a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive avatar at first. This is expected to produce 201 horses.

A dual motor version will be launched later with the front motor churning out 101 horses. This will bring the combined output to 302 ponies, which seems sufficient for an SUV this big.

Volkswagen said that the battery is good to go for 310 miles on a single charge. This makes it much more efficient than the Hyundai Kona electric and the Kia Niro EV and very close to the Tesla Model Y’s range of 315 miles. Fast-charging will be available and it’ll be able to replenish 80-percent of the battery in 30 minutes on a 125-150 kW system.

Volkswagen ID.3 specifications
Motors one, electric, on the rear axle
Gearbox one-speed
Battery 58 kWh
Power 150 kW/201 hp
Torque 310 Nm/229 lb-ft
Top speed 160 km/h (100 mph)

Final Thoughts

A New Leak Exposes the Volkswagen ID.4 and Its Various Wheel Options
- image 914874

There are no pictures of the interior yet, but I guess you can expect them to be leaked soon, too. As for the pricing, the ID.4 is expected to come with a starting sticker price of $35,000, and go all the way up to $50,000. The SUV will be launched in the U.S., Europe, and China initially. The Volkswagen ID.4’s launch got pushed to later this year because of COVID-19, but the German automaker could launch it earlier to continue the momentum that these leaks have started.

What are your impressions on the ID.4’s design language? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: VW ID Talk

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