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A New Mazda Trademark Makes Us Question The Future

Mazda’s new R logo could mean nothing, or it could mean the RX brand is coming back!

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Mazda kind of threw us for a loop back in May of 2021. There was word that the next-gen Mazda 6 will ride on an AWD platform and feature a new, powerful straight-six engine. It wasn’t long before Mazda confirmed that the Mazda 6 was officially being discontinued in the United States with no word about that mythical next-gen Mazda 6 in sight. Now, surprisingly enough, Mazda has filed a new trademark for an all-new stylized R logo that could be hinting at something big.

Is This New Trademark Hinting At the Return of the RX Brand?

A New Mazda Trademark Makes Us Question The Future
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This new trademark filing was uncovered by the folks over at the New Nissan Z forum, and while there’s little context to go on, it does lead to some extreme speculation. Is it possible that Mazda is plotting a new line of performance vehicles that will wear an R badge? It would be nice to see the Mazdaspeed3 make a comeback and it would make up for the Mazda 6’s sudden departure, but we’re thinking it could be something else entirely.

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Remember back in 2019 when Mazda not only confirmed it was working on the Wankel rotary engine, and that it was, in fact, making a comeback. The downside to that is that the Rotary is destined to live on as a range-extender for electric cars, with the Mazda MX-30 being the first to adapt this rejuvenated old technology.

With this in mind, what if this new R logo will be worn by an entire range of RX models that will feature the rotary engine (appropriate to some extent, I might add) as a range-extender?

The RX brand has been dead since the RX-8, which wasn’t received nearly as well as the RX-7, but we’ve all been itching for a replacement ever since. There was even a patent filed back in 2020 that suggested a rotary-powered RX-9 could happen!

A New Mazda Trademark Makes Us Question The Future High Resolution Exterior
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The other tidbit of evidence to back up this idea falls into the driver’s seat of the 2016 Mazda RX-Vision concept. That car was said to inspired future road cars, but Mazda refused to commit to producing it – probably because the sports car niche, in general, was slowly diminishing. Some of the RX-Visions cues did make their way onto other cars and became a part of Mazda’s latest design language, but we’ve yet to see a proper sports car. It is logic then to at least hope that this new R logo is a hint that the RX-Vision or another RX car in general is possible. Here’s to hoping.

Source: New Nissan Z Forum

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