It’s not often we get things right when we make jokes, but we did say that we thoughtChevrolet should change the name of the new Aveo. After all, the last one really was terrible.

We completely agree with this rumor, as separating this new model with the last one can only help sales. Take the new Cruze for instance. If it had been called the redesigned Cobalt, would it have gotten the attention it’s currently getting?

The new Aveo will be built at GM’s Orion plant, which it recently renovated. Along with the new Aveo, Buick’s small premium car, the Verano, will be built there as well. It will be the first small car built by the company in over 20 years and will be based off of the Cruze. In total, these two new vehicles could help save up to 1,500 jobs which could be extremely helpful in the current economy.

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  (595) posted on 07.27.2011

I totally agree that the name Aveo must be changed because it is some kind of boring. The car looks boring and if the name will be boring too, I don’t think people will buy this stuff thus better change the name.

  (683) posted on 06.28.2011

haha. It seems that they are doing all this stuff in order to make a job for almost 1,500 people! I don’t know if this car is already out or they are still working on it?

  (383) posted on 06.28.2011

I don’t think that there’s something wrong with the name Aveo. It really sounds like bird which is not a loser after all! So, I can’t figure out what’s the reason behind the changing name.

  (528) posted on 03.1.2011

The concept looks interesting, but it’ll probably get watered down in production trim. Thank goodness they didn’t rip off the styling of the new Fiesta!

  (337) posted on 03.1.2011

The Aveo RS is longer and wider than the current production Aveo and features such design cues as an integrated roof spoiler and exposed headlights and rear taillights that are motorcycle inspired, said Chevrolet.

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