• A New Porsche 911 Is Coming But What Is It?

Is this the next-generation 911 GT3 or a different model altogether?

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Remember when the folks over a Bring a Trailer teased an upcoming Porsche GT model? It happened back in September 2020, when the website started a bidding auction for the mysterious car, through which the will had the opportunity to secure a build slot. The auction has since been suspended for unknown reasons, but the ad featured a concealed car that looked a lot like a 911 with some sort of spoiler at the rear. Come February and Porsche released a statement that this "new member of the 911 GT family" will be unveiled on February 26. Is this the new-generation 911 GT3 or some sort of limited-edition model? Let’s find out!

What do we know so far?

Porsche says we’re looking at the first GT model based on the 992-generation 911. The GT family usually includes models like the GT3 and GT2 (together with their RS counterparts), but Porsche sometimes also offers limited-edition models based on them. The 991-generation, for instance, spawned the 911 R, GT3 Touring, and 935/19. Previous reports have suggested that the upcoming GT model will be some sort of limited-edition model too. The teaser also showcased a 911 without a big rear wing, so the upcoming GT3 model was ruled out.

But the new 14-second teaser that Porsche released with this new announcement tells a different story. One of a very familiar model.
A New Porsche 911 Is Coming But What Is It?
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What is it?

A New Porsche 911 Is Coming But What Is It?
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Well, if you were expecting a limited-edition 911 similar to the R and 935/19, you'll be a little disappointed.

The sports car that Porsche will unveil on February 16 is actually the new-generation 911 GT3. How do we know? For starters, the teaser shows a 911 with a tall rear wing. The aero element features swan neck posts, which we’ve already seen in spy shots, as well as in a Top Gear video of Chris Harris visiting the company’s GT Hall. Back in November 2020, Porsche GT mastermind Andreas Preuninger met Harris to discuss various GT3 and GT2 models from the past and gave us a sneak peek at the new-generation GT3, which was then stored in the GT Hall under a cover. It featured the exact same swan wing as the car in Porsche’s newly released teaser.

A New Porsche 911 Is Coming But What Is It?
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Second, the car shown in the teaser is painted blue and features blue rings around the rims, just like the 911 GT3 that Preuninger showcased in Top Gear’s video. But there’s even more proof. While Porsche’s press release speaks of a "new member of the 911 GT family," the URL says "Porsche 911 GT3 world premiere live stream." It just doesn’t get more official than this.

That settles it then, in just a few more days, we will be able to finally see the 992-generation 911 GT3 and learn more about its naturally aspirated flat-six engine. Stay tuned for updates on Porsche’s brand-new sports car next week!

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