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Back when BMW unveiled the Concept 4, it managed to polarize the whole gearhead community. Then the Bavarians did it again at the 2020 Geneva Online Motor Show, with the Concept i4.

In all fairness, we were already accustomed to the ginormous grille from the Concept 4, so the astonishment was of a lower intensity. But what if BMW launched a concept car that stayed faithful to the good old, normal-size kidney grille?

Wait, is the BMW Z3 Coupé making a comeback?

A New Rendering Sheds Light on What a Modern Z3 Coupe Might Look Like Exterior
- image 891371

No, BMW is not bringing back the Z3 Coupé, definitely not, but the moment we saw this fan-made BMW Concept 2020 we immediately thought of the funky-looking fixed-roof Z3. Although, given that some of BMW’s future cars will feature a massive grille, it’s quite unfair to call the Z3 Coupé funky, right?

Nevertheless, what you’re looking at here is, as described by Vladimir Panchenko, the designer who executed this nicely-proportioned BMW study, a mix between the X1’s styling cues and the proportions of the BMW E46 M3. You’ll also spot some BMW X2 shapes and edges in there as well as the moderately-sized kidneys up front, but for some reason, we can’t shake off the Z3 Coupé image that keeps popping up in the back of our heads.

A New Rendering Sheds Light on What a Modern Z3 Coupe Might Look Like Exterior
- image 891365

Yes, you might argue that the concept is sized like a crossover while the Z3 Coupé was a derivative of the sleek yet muscular Z3 Roadster, but should BMW decide to bring back the Z3 Coupé, don’t you think it would reinterpret it with a twist borrowed from the world’s most customer-appealing car body style at the moment, aka SUV/crossover?

As for what could sit under that hood, well, you can let your mind roam freely. If you care for out two cents, however, a flat-six turbocharged engine would make for a cracking powerplant in the unlikely case that BMW launches a similarly looking road-going car, but a hybrid or all-electric drivetrain could do the trick just as well.

A New Rendering Sheds Light on What a Modern Z3 Coupe Might Look Like Exterior
- image 891364

And don’t get us started on an M-badged, V-8-powered version. Plus, Estoril Blue would look like a million dollars on the concept’s outer shell, which could be further adorned with thin-spoked wheels that hide large carbon-ceramic brakes and M-painted brake calipers.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re taking a break to do some more dreaming. In the meantime, do check out the photo gallery and let us know your thoughts on the design study.

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