• A New Retro-Inspired Porsche 911 Is Coming - This is What You Need to Know About it

Is Porsche working on a new 911 Sport Classic?

We recently showed you images of another version of the 911 (992) out testing. It seems Porsche is not done with the latest generation of their iconic rear-engine sports car. The 992 currently represents the pinnacle of Porsche 911 evolution and it seems the brand really wants this to be the most complete 911 yet. After all the usual versions of the 911, retro-inspired models make a comeback.

A New Retro-Inspired Porsche 911 Is Coming - This is What You Need to Know About it Exterior Spyshots
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The model caught testing on the Nurburgring is expected to be a new iteration so the 911 Sport Classic. We see some distinctive features, the most notable of which are the ducktail spoiler and double-dome roof. The last 911 Sport Classic was from the 997 generation and was produced in 250 copies. It seems the upcoming retro-inspired 911 will have the Turbo S front bumper and the GTS rear bumper, along with other distinctive features, like the center lock wheels.

Just like the 997 SC, the upcoming car is expected to share the engine of the 2022 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. This means that the 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six will produce around 475 horsepower (354 kilowatts).

A New Retro-Inspired Porsche 911 Is Coming - This is What You Need to Know About it Exterior Spyshots
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The previous Sport Classic was a manual only, in order to celebrate the pure driving experience of classic 911 performance models. With this in mind, there is a good case for the 4.0-liter normally-aspirated flat-six to make an appearance, although that one will probably remain exclusive to the 911 GT3, GT3 RS, and GT3 Touring versions.

2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic specifications
Engine 3.8-liter normally-aspirated flat-six
Horsepower 408 HP @ 7,300 RPM
Torque 310 LB-FT @ 4,200 RPM
0 to 62 mph 4.3 seconds
Top Speed 188 mph (302 km/h)
Time will tell whether the PDK will be available for this new retro-inspired Porsche 911.

Just like many of the other 992 versions, the Sport Classic is expected to debut later this year or in the first half of 2022 and will probably have a limited production run of a few hundred cars. One thing we know for certain is that it will be another epic homage to the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS.

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