A good way to let the combustion engines as well as electric powertrains co-exist in harmony

Now that the car industry is tightening emission rules, and the world is moving towards electrification and adopting the technology wholeheartedly, we enthusiasts are close to losing our minds. No doubt, electric cars are good, but they do not offer the same spiritual experience that a car with an internal combustion engine does. A German startup says it has developed a technology that uses microwaves to help counter emissions output to a certain extent.

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A New Technology Is In Works That Could Probably Save Internal Combustion Engines
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The German startup, Micro Wave Ignition AG, says that it has developed a technology that can cut consumption of gasoline and diesel by as much as 30-percent and emissions by as much as 80-percent.

Using pulsed microwaves to ignite fuel rather than spark plugs or glow plugs, the fuel burns at a lower temperature, thus cutting down the emission and consumption levels.

With such efficient engine technologies being developed, the engine as we know it can live for longer, which in turn will help increase industry profits as car manufacturers are spending heavily to ramp up production of electric vehicles in coming years. Micro Wave Ignition AG says that this system can be integrated into existing engine architecture rather than building a new setup altogether.

About the Startup

A New Technology Is In Works That Could Probably Save Internal Combustion Engines
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Micro Wave Ignition AG is based in the small Black Forest town of Empfingen. Don’t judge this book by its cover because it has blessings of some very powerful investors.

The former chief executive officer of Porsche AG, Wendelin Wiedeking, is one its shareholders.

Wiedeking and a group of other private investors own about 20-percent of the startup that is controlled by its founders, Armin and Volker Gallatz.

It Is Growing Rapidly

A New Technology Is In Works That Could Probably Save Internal Combustion Engines
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According to sources, Micro Wave Ignition AG has given Macquarie Capital the responsibility to look for a buyer and international partner that can help to promote the new technology and increase the startup’s financial power.

Several manufacturers are still investing in better combustion engines, and this technology will definitely help them.

The company has begun talks with large automakers from South Korea and China, one of the people said. “I am convinced that MWI is a disruptive innovation with huge market potential,” Wiedeking was cited as saying in a document shared by the company.

Our Take

We need such technologies to be developed as soon as possible. Combustion engine are nearing extinction, and this will help them from getting displaced completely. However, we have still not seen a prototype or a live example. If the startup’s claims are true in the real-world, automakers will grasp this technology with all their might. Can we see this technology come into practice anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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