• A New Video Showcases Every Aspect of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

The 2021 model is a big improvement over the one it replaces

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The Cadillac Escalade has had a roller coaster ride its whole life. The first Escalade was introduced in 1998 and looked like a ripped-off version of the GMC Yukon Denali. Fortunately, GM and Cadillac improved things within a couple of years and launched a much different version with its own identity. Since then, the Escalade has been hitting rough patches all along. The 2021 model, that marks the fifth generation of the Escalade, and Cadillac has taken things up a notch in almost all aspects. It has the pizzazz and desirability quotient that the previous iterations didn’t.

A lot of details are splurging as we are approaching closer to the luxurious SUV’s release. Here’s a video by TheStraightPipes that covers the SUV in a highly detailed manner. This is what the folks from the channel highlighted about the 2021 Escalade.

A Detailed Analysis Of The 2021 Cadillac Escalade

The guys managed to cover every bit of the upcoming SUV that they could virtually. Here are some observations and highlights:

  • The 2021 Cadillac will be offered with two engine options:
  • A 6.2-liter, V-8 mill that makes 420 horses and 460 pound-feet of torque
  • A 3.0-liter, six-cylinder Duramax mill that makes 277 ponies and 460 pound-feet of torque
  • Both the engines are mated to a 10-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
  • Cadillac has upped the ante with a lot of new mechanicals that we saw on the Suburban and Tahoe as well
  • Independent Rear Suspension
  • Magnetic Ride Control Available
  • Air Ride Adaptive Suspension System that can lower up to two inches
  • Electronic Limited Slip Differential
A New Video Showcases Every Aspect of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade
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On the inside, the 2021 Cadillac Escalade benefits from:

  • There’s a 38-inch curved OLED that is essentially split up into three different screens
  • A 7.2-inch screen sits on the left, a 14.2-inch gauge cluster in the middle, and a 16.9-inch infotainment screen on the right side
  • Cadillac is also offering Augmented Reality Navigation, similar to one seen on the Mercedes vehicles
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be offered as standard
  • The infotainment system can also be controlled using a rotary knob like in XT-6
  • However, it isn’t as exquisite as the BMW’s knob
  • A 360-degree camera is now offered on the 2021 Escalade but lacks the oomph
  • The configuration showed an indication that the driver’s side sun visor could perhaps extend out
  • The front camera is night vision and relays the feedback in the center part of the OLED screen
  • There’s the AKG Audio system and the SUV comes with speakers fixed inside the headrests
  • The Inside Rear View Mirror is also a screen
  • The Ambient/Mood lighting does not look very impressive in the press images itself, so you can’t expect much in the real-world conditions
  • Super Cruise is enhanced with lane changing functionality
  • The system now covers over 200,000 miles of road data across North America for an improved experience
A New Video Showcases Every Aspect of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade
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The 2021 Escalade is a lot longer when compared to the 2020 model. The legroom is also increased by a whopping 13.2 inches. This has resulted in:

  • 40-percent more legroom in the third row
  • Flat floor when the second and third rows are folded
  • 68-percent more cargo space (121 cubic-feet) with all the seats in place

It wears a few changes on the outside as well:

  • The 2021 Escalade will be offered in five trims in total – Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport, Premium Luxury Platinum, Sport Platinum
  • Out of these, Sport, Luxury, and Premium Luxury Platinum come with different faces
  • The Sport features a blacked-out grille, Luxury has a chrome grille, and Premium Luxury Platinum looks different too
  • It comes with long vertical LED Daytime Running Lights
  • The 2021 Escalade will be offered with 22-inch wheels as standard
  • There is an indent on the wheel arches which make it look like flares
  • Soft-close doors will be offered as optional
  • Signature long vertical taillights
  • The 2021 Cadillac Escalade starts at $77,490 - $1,000 more than the outgoing generation
  • It will be released in the third quarter as a 2021 model

Final Thoughts

A New Video Showcases Every Aspect of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade
- image 907229

Cadillac also noted that the OLED screen has twice the pixel density of a 4K television. In total, there are 36 speakers all around the cabin. A few things not covered in the well-detailed video was the towing rating for the 2021 Escalade. It can tow up to 8,200 pounds with the larger mill and 8,000 pounds with the Duramax mill. The Escalade’s fuel economy figures are out as well. The four-wheel-drive model delivers 14 mpg in the city, 19 mpg on the highway, and 16 mpg combined. The two-wheel-drive configuration is rated at 15 mpg in the city, 20 mpg on the highway, and 17 mpg combined.

Check out these other videos about the 2021 Cadillac Escalade as well:

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