How does Mercedes’ electric SUV concept stack up against the segment king?

Up until this point, the premium electric SUV market has been dominated by the Tesla Model X. But Mercedes-Benz has taken the first step to putting an end to the Model X’s dominance with the launch of the Generation EQ Concept, the German automaker’s preview piece for one of the foundational models of its future electrified lineup.

Predictably, my first instinct upon seeing the Generation EQ Concept was to compare it to the Tesla Model X. I know it’s too early to say how this comparison is going to be considering that the Mercedes EV SUV is still in concept guise. For one, it’s hard to compare the two physically because the production model of the Generation EQ will likely look different from one Mercedes has presented at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

But there are some noteworthy comparisons that can be made now in various categories, including power and performance, range, and technology.

Based on the numbers that Mercedes has released, the Generation EQ’s combined output of 402 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque is impressive. But it still doesn’t measure up to the Model X 90D’s output of 518 horsepower (combined), more so with the P90D’s titanic output of 762 horsepower (combined). At least in this category, the Model X takes the cake, quite handily even.

Here’s the question though: is the Model X still superior to Merc’s presentation of the Generation EQ Concept?

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The rival is coming

A Preliminary Tale Of The Tape Between The Mercedes‑Benz "Generation EQ" Concept And The Tesla Model X High Resolution Exterior
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So the Tesla Model X has more power than the Mercedes Generation EQ Concept. But does the Model X have more range than the Mercedes concept? For owners of electric cars, an argument can be made that more than anything else, range is the most important attribute of an EV. The Model X 90D boasts a max range of 257 miles between full charges while the performance-oriented P90D can go up to 250 miles. Well, according to Mercedes, the Generation EQ Concept’s floor-mounted battery pack has a max range of 310 miles. Granted, that number could change when the production model arrives, but for now, consider it a win for the Mercedes concept.

Then there’s the technology. It goes without saying that having a multi-purpose 17-inch touchscreen and the Autopilot system, warts and all, tilts the balance in favor of Tesla. For its part, the Generation EQ isn’t lacking in this department. For instance, the concept comes with the HERE mapping solution and all the hardware and software components that come with it. It also features plenty of safety and assistance systems that’s likely to translate to the production model.

All told, the electric SUV segment is still the Tesla Model X’s to lose. It dominates the market and will likely do so until more automakers enter the fray. But make no mistake; Mercedes-Benz is coming, and it’s coming with a concept that looks primed to take the fight to the Model X when it arrives.

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