New product puts duct tape to shame and has a funny promotion video too

Duct tape has been around for decades and is commonly referred to as the instant go to for fixing, well, just about anything. In reality, we all know it can’t hold together a broken exhaust pipe or anything that might take on some kind of forceful leverage, but it is pretty handy. Even though we all like to say duct tape fixes everything, the sad reality is, it’s only good for certain things. There’s a new product around now that appears to be what we always hope or thought duct tape would really be, and the video you’re about to watch here is the ridiculously funny promo video for that product.

The video itself is so funny that it would be near impossible for me to ruin it for you, but I’ll take it easy on the breakdown of it. In short, a “redneck” builds an exterior roll cage around a car, tapes all the joints together with duct tape, then launches it off a cliff. If you have even the slightest conception of reality, you don’t really need me to tell you that it didn’t work out so well. But, the same “redneck” did the project again, this time using FiberFix and, sure enough, it held together pretty well.

Of course, a part in all of us really want to see that duct tape hold the first roll cage together, but that just isn’t the way duct tape works. That said, there’s a lot more to the video than a couple of cars getting launched off of a cliff, and you’re in for quite a few hearty laughs along the way. Go ahead and click play to get in a few laughs for yourself. Feel free to comment your thoughts or experiences with FiberFix in the comments section below.

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