After he recive an island in Dubai, the retired but nevertheless seven times champion of the world Schumi has just paid itself one of the 6 stunning Shelby Cobra Daytona Super Coupé existing!

A Shelby Cobra Daytona Super Coupe for Schumi
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This car is a result of a secret project undertaken by Pete Brock, the Shelby American director of special projects.After designing the 289 Cobra Daytona Coupe, Mr Brock then designed this car as a coupe version of the 427 Competition Cobra. It was designated the Type 65 Coupe and came to be known as the 427 Daytona Super Coupe or, in short, the Super Coupe.

Originally started only as a 427 chassis and completed on 3/13/65, it was shipped to Slough, England for construction of a coupe body by Radford Coachbuilders. This project was canceled before fully completed. It was shipped back to Shelby American in late 1965 and stored at the Shelby facility in unfinished condition.

The project Shelby Cobra Daytona Super Coupé Type 65 CSB 3054 had to be engaged in competition in 1965 but because of problems, of incompatibility with the production calendar for the homologation of 100 copies and the arrival of the program GT40 it was long delayed. Aimed at international endurance racing, it would have been a formidable competitor at Daytona and Le Mans.

The car was sold by Shelby American to several rich amateurs of which the last one completed the cat in 1980 with consultation by Pete Brock. The completed Super Coupe was unveiled in April 1981 at the Riverside vintage race. 

A Shelby Cobra Daytona Super Coupe for Schumi
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In parallel of this specific history of the ’Type 65 CSB 3054’ unique to the world, 5 others exemplary saw the light of day on the basis of Cobra ’289’ for the engagement in competition as early as 1963. 

 Shelby outfitted the Cobra Daytona’s with a potent large block 427 cubic-inch engine.The goal was to design the car to reach speeds of over 210 mph.

>In that version the car has a V8 engine with 427 cubic inch (7.0l of displacement) mounted in longitudinal position, the car develops 485hp at 6,750 rpm/m. The car must be very funny to drive with his transmission Borg Worner T-10M with 4 gears.

The Super Coupe weights 2300 lbs and has a estimate top speed of 214 mph (or 346 km/h). In the version ’289’, the V8 289 cubic inch,( or 4.7l) engine develops only 380hp but the car attains 190 mph(or 306 km/h)

We dont know which version Schumi likes!

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  (1) posted on 03.24.2007

I would like this photos, whoever had taken them could you please post them not e-mail me them,i am srry i cant afford to by them i wanted them for my michael schumi schumacher portfolios please reply in english mrs gail j gray 17 gunthorpe road marlow sL7-1uh,england,i have no printer. i just love schumi i have been a fan of his since he began in formula 1 in 1991 i miss him so dearly, i hope to see him one day has i have written a dedication/tribute book for him. i wish him and his family a long healthy future.

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 01.4.2007

Thats pretty interesting.....

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