Introduced for the 2014 model year to fill the void left behind by the Pontiac G8, the Chevy SS was greeted with a high degree of enthusiasm, especially by hardcore muscle car fans. The performance sedan has already received a facelift for 2016, but its future has been uncertain since day one. That’s because the SS is based on the Holden VF Commodore, which will be discontinued in 2017 when GM shuts down its Australian operations and the Holden brand. So, will the SS, which is also built in Australia, survive beyond 2017?

According to Al Oppenheiser, Chevrolet Camaro chief engineer, the sedan could get a replacement once the Holden Commodore is axed.

Speaking to Car Advice, Oppenheiser said that despite its mediocre sales (of less than 3,000 units a year), the SS could get a successor, but it’s a decision that depends on what will happen with the Zeta platform that underpins all Holden vehicles.

“It sells what it’s supposed to. And we haven’t announced an end date to it, so we’re just... we know that there are some decisions made on the Zeta [platform], that are imminent, and right now we’re just focused on the new ’17 model, which is great. It has the LS3 with the manual and the active exhausts, and it’s a great car,” he told the Australian outlet.

When asked whether the next-generation model will use a V-8, Oppenheiser said that he doesn’t know and that he’s "not at liberty" to say.

An official decision about the future of the Chevy SS is expected to be announced by the end of 2016. By that time, GM should also reveal what products will replace the Holden Commodore.

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Why it Matters

Granted, Oppenheiser didn’t reveal much, but at least there is hope for the Chevy SS, a unique vehicle on the U.S. market. While it shares the same segment with the Dodge Charger R/T and the significantly less powerful Ford Taurus SHO, the SS arrived as a long-anticipated, enthusiast car that can act as both a muscle sedan and comfortable highway cruiser. What’s more, it embodies the U.S.-spec version of the Holden Commodore gearheads have been asking for since the Pontiac G8 was discontinued in 2009. It would be a shame to let the SS go into the history books so early, especially with the awesome rear-wheel drive Zeta platform still having a lot of potential. Sure, with the Holden Commodore getting the axe in 2017, the Zeta might not be as useful as it is today, but it could continue as a bespoke platform for limited-production nameplates. And, while its sales are far from overwhelming, it’s worth noting that Chevy hasn’t invested much in the SS’ marketing campaign. With more resources in that department, an updated platform, and some of GM’s recent technology, the Chevy SS could be revamped into a an even more exciting second-generation model. The performance sedan deserves a better fate and hopefully GM is already working on it.

Chevy SS

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Source: CarAdvice

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