Now you know what to ask Santa Claus for Christmas

Tesla has thrown its weight to the power bank market - yes, power bank - with the introduction of the Power bank, a portable battery charger that should satiate your thirst for anything Tesla without actually buying any one of the automaker’s electric cars. The Powerbank takes the shape of the company’s supercharger monument that’s resting at the Tesla Design Studio. It features a single 18650 cell with a 3350 mAh capacity, enough juice to charge all recent iPhone models and micro-USB-equipped smartphones. The Powerbank also retails for $45, cheap enough for those wishing for one this Christmas to actually get one, provided they were able to before it sold out.

Better luck next time

Such is the peril of items that invite high demand. If you’re not quick enough to get one, you’ll miss out on it entirely. It’s a pity that the Tesla Powerbank sold out so quickly. It would’ve made for a cool Christmas present. It was affordable and drew plenty of parallels to the actual battery cells that Tesla uses on both the Model S and Model X. The only difference is that those cars actually 7,000 of these battery cells.

Fortunately, all’s not lost because Tesla is also offering the Desktop Supercharger. For the same $45 price as the Powerbank, you can get a similar charging device that lets you charge your gadgets. It’s unclear if this item is sold out at the moment - I was able to get one earlier today - so if you’re interested in getting one, now is the time to do it.


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Source: The Verge

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