• A Timeless Christmas Commercial From Mercedes-AMG

Apparently the Benz also make baking ovens

Car-related Christmas commercials are generally good fun, especially when it’s not a hard sell, in-your-face ad about year-end closeout deals or other pitch. One of my favorite light-hearted commercials came from Mercedes-Benz in 2012. It features the SLS AMG GT3 racecar and its development team. The commercial begins with engineers and pit crewmembers tirelessly working under the SLS’ hood. It appears the AMG team is making corrections to the big 6.2-liter V-8, perhaps tweaking it to hit that sweet 600-horsepower mark. The SLS then burns rubber out of the pits and onto the rack where the pit crew seems oddly obsessed with making the car hit 180 degrees Celsius. Strong German accents bark orders at the driver not to hit the curbs, presumably to save the SLS’ forged aluminum control arms.

The mystery comes to a close when the car pulls back into the pits, and the hood is opened. There, sitting perfectly inside the SLS’ long engine bay, is a tray of Christmas cookies decorated with Mercedes emblems, AMG logos, Reindeer, and shooting stars. A taste reveals the cookies were perfectly baked by the all-aluminum V-8, confirming the $456,000 non-streetable SLS AMG is the most exciting oven ever devised.


Mercedes SLS AMG

2011 Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 High Resolution Exterior
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