If the BMW M2 had nightmares, this thing would be in them

Last week we were taken aback by Alfa Romeo’s decision to price the limited-edition Giulia GTA and GTAm as if they were out-and-out supercars.

This week, we stumbled upon Instagram account @carlifestyle’s 2-door, widebody Alfa Giulia GTAm and in all fairness, it’s this sort of treatment that comes close to demanding such a hefty price tag.

The Giulia GTA and GTAm sedans cost an arm and a leg

Alfa Romeo plans to sell just 500 units of its Giulia GTA and GTAm super-sedans. So far so good. The issue is their price tags. T

he GTA starts at €143,000 (roughly $155,400) before taxes, while the GTAm can be had for nothing less than €147,000 (around $159,800).
A Two-Door Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Widebody Would (Almost) Justify the Exorbitant Price
- image 903545

Sure, with this sort of price tag comes a plethora of tweaks: more power (533 horsepower instead of 505 horsepower) and less weight - at 3,350 pounds, the two sedans are 100 kilos (220 pounds) lighter than the standard Giulia QV thanks to a lot of carbon fiber bits and bobs found inside and out:

  • the roof is carbon fiber
  • so is the hood
  • the front bumper
  • the wheel arches
  • the rear diffuser
  • the driveshaft
  • bucket seats (GTAm)
  • roll bar (GTAm)
  • door pulls instead of handles (GTAm)
  • carbon spitter (GTAm)
  • rear carbon wing (GTAm)

In addition, the rear door windows and windscreen are made of Lexan and aluminum has been used for some door and suspension parts. However, even for a limited-edition car, the asking price is quite steep.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Exterior
- image 889337
Faster to 60 mph by 0.2 seconds compared to the model it’s based on

With that in mind, would a two-door Giulia GTAm convince you to splash the cash? Even more, would a wide-bodied two-door GTAm do it quicker?

In all fairness, carlifestyle’s render is not only neatly thought out and executed but it’s closer to what the said price tags would entail.

Just think about it: a coupé GTA/GTAm would not only look cooler and better proportioned but would also sport better driving dynamics on and off the track.

On top of that, the widebody kit we see here is just Rocket Bunny-level eye candy and the car overall looks ready to do some serious battle against the BMW M2.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Exterior
- image 889345

The question that lurks around, however, is this: would you pay north of $150k for one?

Source: Car Lifestyle

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