The F&M Company was created back in the ’60s by the pilot Antonio Faralli and Rossello Mazzanti. With hard work and help from their suns, the company is now well known for recreating classic cars, and their ultimate creation is Antas, their first car created from sketches.

F&M Auto interprets the most noble Italian tradition in an exclusive concept of “tailor-made” based on three fundamental truths: Aluminum, Craftsmanship and Art.

A very rare eagle: the Antas
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In fact, the mechanical base of an Antas can technically be found on any car configuration with front engine and rear-wheel drive. This is so as to maintain the general equilibrium in the styling proportions. In the specific case of an Antas, the client’s choice can be directed towards cars such as Ferrari 550/575/599, Maserati (all models), Aston Martin, Jaguar XKR, Mercedes SL/S coupè/CL coupè, BMW M6 coupè/cabriolet, Corvette, Viper etc.

Antas made its first appearance at "2007 Top Marques Monaco" and after the F&M company was invited to present the car at Le Mans Driver’s Parade.

A very rare eagle: the Antas
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The car is manually build in only 2 units a year and the owners paid prices with at least six zeros. The first Antas ever build was made on the platform of a 1996 Maserati Quattroporte.

Style is one of the fundamental elements to provide the client with a unique item. The procedure foresees a first meeting with our designers to define guidelines of the external style. This first stage’s result is entirely drawn on paper.

A very rare eagle: the Antas
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Subsequently, the initial sketches are optimised on computer. At this point the client again plays an active and vital part in the process of the definition of the style: he will be invited in our design atelier near Parma, where he can finalise each detail of the body and the interior features. This process is done by both looking at the demonstrator vehicle on a rotating stand and on computer in real time with our designers. At the end of this process, the client will have a definitive three-dimensional colour rendering of his own creation. After the client decided on how his car will look like, F&M need 11 months to build the car. We have to admit that in this case not even Rolls Royce has this passion and exclusivity.

A very rare eagle: the Antas
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