Driving around a wet track is a lot trickier than it looks

A few days ago, we brought you a video showing the perils of driving around the Nürburgring in the snow. Now we’re doing it again, only this time we’re trading in the powdery white snow for generous heaps of rain. It’s really not much of a trade off, but the two videos do have one common denominator: chaos.

Think those who drover around the ‘Ring in the snow had it bad? Check out this video and you’ll see that those who drove around a wet Nürburgring track had it just as bad, maybe even worse. There are some cringe-worthy moments like the time a Porsche GT3 race car played pinball on the metal barricade and another when another Porsche racer – what is it with these Porsches and a wet track? – game its best fish tail impression. There are plenty of spills in this video, but for the most part, we just see cars spinning wildly out of control before their drivers correct course and go about their merry way.

Trust me, if you’re looking for crazy crashes, this video doesn’t have it. In some ways, that actually makes for a better viewing experience because you don’t have to worry about the sight of seeing a car get crushed to smithereens. Nobody wants to see that happen.

So if you have time as I’m sure you do, feel free to check out this nine-minute video from the folks of AutoAddiction. It’s not the most glamorous form of racing you’ll get to see, but it does make for quality entertainment.


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