• A woman try to sell her son to pay her car

    baby for a car

A woman was put in jail for trying to sell his son to afford the expenses of her new car, a Dodge Intrepid, that she has buy used.

The police of the state of Colorado, United States, detain the woman, original form Mexico, named Nicole Uribe López, 23 years old, for trying to sell her baby of 5 months to a couple, José Juan Lerma, 47 years old and his wife Irene Lerma, of 27, also Mexicans, that they suppose that they were going to buy the kid.

Everything points to believe that the deal was set to be 1.500 dollars; of witch 500 were going to be used to pay the loan of Uribe’s car.

The child is under the protection of the Social Services of the local Town.

Yes to adoption, no to sell

Uribe says that she wasn’t selling her son, but that she was giving him in adoption, giving him a better life because she didn’t have money and couldn’t look after him, but she didn’t want to loose contact with him, once he was adopted.

She also says that the money was for her grandma, and the other 2 sons she have on Mexico, and that she entered illegally to the United States to try to help them. But other source says that the money was for the car loan and for her to look for an apartment.

The Lerma’s version of this, is that they did gave 1.500 dollars to Uribe and her boyfriend, Justin Hines, but it wasn’t to buy the baby, that they intended to adopt him, but the adoption process are too long.

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