A word of advice to all you Genesis Coupe tuners.

It is nice to see that tuners are off to a good start with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. This clean orange example has undergone a few tasteful modifications. It is possible to say that it is what hasn’t been done to the Genesis Coupe that makes it so attractive. Keep up the good work, and stay off the vinyl.

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With Hyundai releasing an affordably priced enthusiast model of the Genesis Coupe, expect for the vehicle to be embraced by tuners. So please use this fine example of a modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe as a template for what tastefully tuned vehicle looks like.

The orange car includes modifications such as:

Volk Racing Rims
Aftermarket Exhaust
Slammed Suspension
Smoked Taillights
De badged treatment

What the car does not have:

Over sized GT Wing
Vinyl Graphics
Altezza Tailights
Coffee can muffler
Aftermarket wheels with a stock suspension
What do you think?
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  (1) posted on 01.19.2010


I know the post is pretty old, but....

I think the journalist that made the association that the 2.0T engine was a 4B11, should be beaten with the same keyboard that he typed the unproven assumption with.

The engine that hyundai produces that IS associated with is the Theta II engine. The one in the genesis coupe is the Theta I.

Its not a real problem with posts like this and on forums, but I am finding that aftermarket manufacturers are just relabeling Mitsubishi parts for the hyundai, which are proven not to fit regardless. This is a big no no.

  (233) posted on 08.19.2009

for sure nissan needs to get on that big time.

TJKEON  (138) posted on 03.5.2009

Those are my thoughts exactly. I am an S13 owner and consider this the S16 that Nissan Should have made.

AK47  (1024) posted on 03.4.2009

The engine and the design is top notch. The only thing that concerns me is the drivetrain efficiency. The 0to60, 1/4 mile times are not up to par with the power to weight ratio.

"You will see it agging in the speed of light."

Mate, you must be confused, this car spells instant classic for the ordinary people. I can see it being compared fondly to the Silvia S15 in a couple of years. Brands aside, this can actually be considered an S15 successor. Pretty funny line though.

AK47  (233) posted on 03.3.2009

dude the genisis four cylinder model’s engine is basically the same thing as the evo’s engine except its mounted longitudinally, lower boost and a different ecu and fuel injectors... but the internals and design and block are all basically the same since the theta four (hyundai) and the 4b11t were developed at the same time thru the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance between mitsu, hyundai and chrysler... the engine is easily capable of 300hp on stock internals with a simple ecu reflash or exchange... check out Rhys Millen’s hyundai genesis coupe build with the help of HKS making over 400rwhp b4 you make judgements on this car

AK47  (2) posted on 03.3.2009

What do you drive? What’s wrong with Hyundai? Hyundai is ranking high in quality. They are delivering better products every year. This genesis coupe is awesome for the price.

AK47  (30) posted on 03.1.2009

It is a hyundai even if it went to the moon

You will see it agging in the speed of light

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