One girl acts like going off road is something she’s used to

With smartphones readily available to everyone about six years of age and old, it’s no surprise that the number of accidents caused by distracted teens has seemed to increase. The thing is, by the time it happens, it is too late, and we never get to see what really happened. Well, with the clever use of interior and exterior cameras, AAA has compiled a group of videos that shows us just what it looks like. Parents, if you weren’t worried about it before, you will be now.

The video shows various clips of distracted teens and their reactions to their faults. There are some car-on-car accidents, but nothing shown is too graphic, and it’s not likely that injuries were any worse than the need for a fresh pair of underwear. Of course, these are all minor cases that could have been very much worse. In one of the clips, the female driver is merely talking about a phone and nearly eats the rear end of another vehicle. And, toward the middle of the video, there is a girl drives off the road, but her reaction makes it seem like it wasn’t her first time.

The important part here is that parents realize how easily their teens get distracted behind the wheel, so go ahead and hit play. If you don’t have teens, maybe you’ll get a good laugh at some of the reactions. With the introduction of fully autonomous cars on the horizon, one could argue that manual driving should be reserved to those who are more experienced in age. If nothing else, it might make the roads a little safer, don’t you think?


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