Abarth has never produced its own car before. Karl Abarth cut his teeth on plenty of European cars, especially Fiats, but the bodywork has always been pretty much stock. But now that the Abarth name carries so much allure, Fiat is going to exploit its in-house tuner for all it’s worth.

We reported earlier this year that Abarth would build its own car. Now Auto Express has pics and some new info. The information suggests that Abarth’s coupe will be a lot like the Smart Roadster in execution: small, light and nimble.

The place where the Smart failed the most was that it used the engine from the ForTwo model. The Abarth will use a much better starting point with 135 hp 1.4-liter turbocharged engine from the Abarth 500. The car will also feature a removable roof panel, the traditional white and red color scheme, and, of course, plenty of the Abarth scorpion logos.


Source: AutoExpress

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