After the 500 Essesses models were tuned up with Abarth’s "essesse" treatment, Abarth has announced that the same treatment will be applied to both the 500C and the Punto Evo. The official debut for both models is expected to be made in November.

In the standard version, the Abarth Punto Evo develops a total of 165 Hp, but now the Essesses version’s output will be raised to over 180 HP. It will also get stiffer suspension and uprated brakes.

For the 500C, Abarth will apply the same treatment as for the 500 Essesses, meaning a 157 HP 1.4 turbocharged engine, a faster-shifting version of the five-speed MTA automatic gearbox, electric power steering with "sport mode", a specifically lowered ride height, and high performance brakes.

The exterior will be distinguished by a red and white checkered flag, yellow, and red shield with the black scorpion and a beautiful polished white floor.

When the Punto Evo Essesse goes on sale, it will be priced at $28,000 with the 500C Essesse priced at $29,000.


Source: Autocar

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  (387) posted on 06.23.2010

huh another abarth special model? i hope with those powers the 500c wont fly away during high speed on a free way.

  (434) posted on 06.22.2010

same here with a $29,000. i would rather buy a Focus RS or a mazdaspeed 3.

  (808) posted on 06.21.2010

this is another 500c special edition. to me the IQ looks more deserving to have that kind of treatment on special editions.

  (417) posted on 06.20.2010

0-100 in 8s? wow... *slow clap* I thought small cars were supposed to excel in acceleration.

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