AC Schnitzer, the German tuner specialized in tuning Bmw vehicles, unveiled today a new gear knob for almost all the Bmw and Mini models fitted with manual transmission. Of course, this isn’t any ordinary gear knob because it is fitted with a display that actually shows you in what gear you are due to a display with red digits that is perfectly visible under all lighting angles. Unfortunately we have no data regarding the price of this special gear knob!

Press release:

High performance drivers usually play the transmission like a virtuoso: clutch, shift, gas. Depending on the number of gears, the stick passes through the gate up to six times in each direction - up and down again. Which gear are we in now? It’s purely a matter of feel, even on modern "manuals".?

AC Schnitzer presents the gear knob with digital gear display
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The new sports gear knob from AC Schnitzer, with its digital display, now not only offers visual feedback as in a sequential box, but enhances the interior as a particularly cool accessory. Best of all: it will fit almost all BMW and MINI models with manual transmission, whether brand new or somewhat older. With its bright red digits and thanks to a light sensor the digital display is perfectly visible under all lighting angles and fits perfectly into the typical interior illumination of the vehicles from Munich or Oxford.?

AC Schnitzer presents the gear knob with digital gear display
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Nor do you have to worry about complex installation: the new gear knob can be installed by any workshop, in just a few minutes. As the display changes are triggered by position sensors, apart from a power supply no further wiring is required. And thanks to? AC Schnitzer, you can move up a gear in terms of style!

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 09.15.2008

where can i get this it would go nice with my new AC Schnitzer M3

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