Imagine driving 703kmh in a Ford Focus of all things…..

Imagine cruising down the highway at 703 kmh (about 437 mph) in a Ford Focus. You and I both know that this is downright impossible, and even if it was, the Ford Focus is the last car on Earth that you’d want to do it in. Well, despite the logical conclusion that this didn’t happen, an Italian speed camera – in the most epic of epic glitches – flagged an Italian driver at exactly that 703 kmh in a 70 kmh zone. One would think that glitches happen on occasion and someone would have noticed, but that isn’t the case. A few days later, the driver was issued an €863.60 ($974) speeding fine and 10 points, the latter of which is halfway to suspension if your license is clean.

An Impossible Speed but a Reasonable Fine

According to an Italian Speed Camera, The Ford Focus Is The Fastest Road Car On the Planet Interior Exterior
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The Ford Focus that has allegedly gotten closer to Mach 1 than 99.9 percent of the population ever will, did so in the province of Ancona on the way to the hamlet of Osimo. One would think that even the most car-illiterate person in the world would know how downright impossible such a speed is in any road or track car, let alone a Ford focus, but sadly that wasn’t the case as a ticket was issued.

According to an Italian Speed Camera, The Ford Focus Is The Fastest Road Car On the Planet
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Photo Credit: Giovanni Strologo via Facebook

The poster of the photo you see above, Giovanni Strologo of the Comitato per il Rispetto del Codice della Strada (roughly translated to "highways compliancy committee"), advised that the driver accepts the charge and appeals for compensation as opposed to having the fine canceled. The firm has also offered legal aid to help the driver through the process.

According to an Italian Speed Camera, The Ford Focus Is The Fastest Road Car On the Planet Interior Exterior
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Sometimes stories are so good you can’t make them up. I’ve come across a lot of interesting stuff in my time as an automotive journalist, and somehow, this kind of stuff doesn’t surprise me. The fact that this ticket for 703 kmh made it through to the driver is astonishing. How did someone not realize there was something funny going on here?

On the other hand, the driver was supposedly doing roughly 394 mph over the speed limit, and the fine is less than $1,000. I have to admit, that’s quite a deal. In Michigan, the speeding fines for excessive speeding (26+ MPH) start out at $155 plus $4 for every additional mile over the speed limit. In this case, the driver would be assessed with a fine for roughly $1,630, and that doesn’t include fees, surcharges, or additional charges that you would surely be hit with. Glitch or not, Italian speeding fines don’t look all that bad in this light.


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