The result admittedly leaves a lot to be desired

Give Honda this much credit: it hasn’t run out of ways to market the NSX supercar, regardless of whether it’s badged as a Honda or an Acura. In the case of this promotional ad, it’s the Acura NSX taking the cudgels as it attempts to create a giant geoglyph in the El Mirage Salt flats in California. Unlike the original creators of these mysterious giant line drawings - the Nazcas of Peru - Honda’s letting the NSX do it with a modern twist using technology to create its own geoglyph.

The process is impressive as the team set up specific GPS coordinates for the driver of the NSX to follow. The driver, for his part, is wearing some sort of headgear that allows him to simply retrace the coordinates that are behind fed to him with his NSX. It’s a complicated process that needs incredible precision to work, or enough at least to showcase the NSX’s Sport Hybrid Super Handling All -Wheel Drive system.

While the result is actually barely visible if you look at it from above, the ad does succeed in showcasing the NSX run around in El Mirage Salt flats with some well-placed camera angles. It did succeed in drawing the geoglyph in a manner of speaking. But, it was kind of funny that the ad had to highlight what it was able to do in a computer at the end of the video, knowing full well that the actual geoglyph created by the NSX wasn’t as clear as they expected it to be.

It’s still a nice ad though, particularly the way the sand flies everywhere because of the supercar.

Source: YouTube - Honda

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