• Acura’s Still Tight-Lipped but an NSX Type R Could Happen After All!

It’s still iffy, though

Ever since the Acura NSX made its glorious debut, folks everywhere have been blowing up Acura’s (and Honda’s) lines begging for an NSX Type R. The truth is that the Japanese company has been rather tight-lipped, and it remains that way, but a few little hints here and there have come about. In an interview with Motoring, Acura’s Vice President and General Manager, Jon Ikeda, was asked about the idea of a Honda NSX or Acura NSX Type R, and his response gives us a lot of hope.

“I’m a car guy, so always faster performance vehicles … yeah, we like that, we talk about it.”

Of course, he was very careful not to officially confirm anything, but he never denied the fact that it does exist (or will soon, anyway.) Acura’s U.S. PR Manager, Matt Sloustcher, was privy to the conversation as well. He stopped well short of actually confirming the Type R, but he did say “anything can happen” but that there aren’t necessarily plans in the works:

“We’ll see … anything can happen,” he said. “There’s always proposals,” he said, before cautioning that the company had no plans “at this stage.”

The suits from Acura were also quizzed about other things, including upgrade packages for existing NSX owners and the response was just as intriguing, saying that there’s “nothing that can be discussed.” With that in mind, Acura has managed to sell close to 1,000 examples of the NSX, and it’s still trying to get the word out if you will. If the car continues to sell, a Type R is very possible, as long as the demand is really there. Sure, journalists everywhere want an NSX Type R but do those with pockets deep enough want it too?

There’s no reason why not, but then again, it might not happen until the next-gen NSX comes about. When that happens, it could even go all-electric. It could feature a four-motor system like that found in the Pikes Peak EV Concept. That would deliver gut-wrenching performance to the tun of 1,000 horsepower. The 60-mph sprint could come in 2.5 seconds while 124 mph could come in as fast as six seconds.

Of course, we’re getting a little far ahead of ourselves at the moment. The point is that an NSX Type R could literally be around the corner.


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Source: Motoring

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