• Add a Vulcan 20-mm Cannon from an F-16 Fight Jet to a Prius and the Cool Factor Skyrockets Toyota

Wonder why I was humming “Heal The World” the whole time while writing this piece!

You expect such insanity from Magneto, Joker, Doctor Doom, or Lex Luthor. They may be fictional characters, but here’s one crazy dude who came up with an idea to turn an environment-friendly Toyota Prius into a pee-when-you-see, one-car cavalry. Civilian cars have been made into dogs of war before, but this time, Black Rifle Coffee Company, a coffee producer, has incorporated an M61 Vulcan rotary cannon on a humble Toyota Prius, and the result is blowing our mind!

This Thing Is As Real As It Can Get

This is no prototype. It has a weapon that can really shoot 6,600 rounds of 22-millimeter ammunition per minute attached to its roof.

This is the same cannon that is found Air Force fighter jets like the F-16 Falcon. The company explained the ridiculous project via a video it posted on YouTube last week, where it chose the Prius for the mission "because Raptors are expensive." Of course; spending $27 on a single cartridge that can be gone in less than a millisecond is quite cheap. Oh, and we are guessing the company meant Ford F-150 Raptor and not the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.

Let The Numbers Talk

Add a Vulcan 20-mm Cannon from an F-16 Fight Jet to a Prius and the Cool Factor Skyrockets Toyota
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To put things into perspective, the M61 Vulcan found here is a six-barrel rotary cannon that can burn up $180,000 worth of ammunition per minute!

To dumb that down a bit, it can burn 110 rounds of ammunition in a second at the tune of $27 per round. If, in some magical way the bullets don’t kill you, the math and the cost will surely give you a heart attack. We are sure when the designers of the M61 created this back in 1946, they would’ve imagined it being bolted on big beasts and military monsters; not a Japanese car that doesn’t make a sound any louder than an engine crank.

That’s One Versatile Prius

Add a Vulcan 20-mm Cannon from an F-16 Fight Jet to a Prius and the Cool Factor Skyrockets Toyota
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The massive weaponry is also found on F-16, F-18, and F-22 fighter jets, and this one is taken from a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The M61 Vulcan was not easy to mount on the roof, and it took the geniuses more than 160 hours to complete it.

This involved fully stripping the interior and fabricating a roll cage to mount the cannon. Since the Prius is a hybrid, the company made sure that the M61 Vulcan’s firing would be triggered via electric primers. There is a linkless ammunition system as well, which converted its hydraulic system into an electric one. The company says the mounts can accept "various types of weaponry," suggesting compatibility with other big boy toys. What’s next in line? The 30 mm rotary cannon from the A10 Warthog aircraft?

What do you think about this makeshift, green-machine-mean-machine car? Does it suffer from split-personality disorder? Is a creatively genius idea? Does it Need to be taken over by the military? Shoot your thoughts in the comments section below.

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