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Hey you! Do you own a new, sixth-generation Mustang GT? Do you think it’s totally badass and rad, but get jealous anytime someone utters the words “Shelby GT350?” Well, don’t worry, it’s all gonna be okay, because Ford has announced three new Power Packs to take your pony car from stock as a rock to tire-toasting terror.

The first level (Power Pack 1, part number M-9603-M8) includes a high-flow air filter from K&N, which in conjunction with a recalibrated ECU, adds 13 horsepower and 16 pound-feet of torque to the V-8’s peak output figures. Even more impressive is the enormous 40-pound-feet boost to the car’s bottom end, which manifests at just 1,500 rpm. Power Pack 1 will be available for shipping by 08/01/2016, and costs $539.

The second level (Power Pack 2, part number M-9603-M8A) is where you start getting the Shelby-styled go-faster goodies, first with the GT350’s cold air intake. There’s also an 87 mm throttle body, which with the intake and tune adds 21 horsepower and 24 pound-feet of torque. Power Pack 2 also includes that sizable 40-pound-feet gain at 1,500 rpm. Power Pack 2 will be available for shipping by 09/30/2016, and costs $949.

The final level (Power Pack 3, part number M-9452-M8) includes the GT350 intake and 87 mm throttle body, plus it adds the GT350’s intake manifold, yielding an extra 31 horsepower and an as-yet-undermined amount of torque (the Ford website lists it as a “5lbs/ft” gain, but that can’t be right. An extra 5 pound-feet isn’t adequate for stage three anything, let along a Mustang). The best part? An extra 60 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. Power Pack 3 will be available for shipping by 10/31/2016, and costs $2,395.

Incredibly, all three Power Packs are 100 percent emissions legal in each of the 50 states.

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Why It Matters

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Whether the goal is a quicker ET at the drag strip or a little extra juice at the road course, these three Power Packs are a boon to any Mustang owner unwilling to dodge the emissions cops in the pursuit of performance.

But the three factory retune packs offer much more than just extra grunt. Along with a sharper throttle and more peak output, the ECU flash also incorporates a no-lift shift mode for models equipped with a manual gearbox, as well as an optimized (read: aggressive) shift strategy for automatics. You can even modify the gear ratio up to 4.09:1.

However, before you whip out that credit card, it should be noted each Power Pack is only available for North American-spec vehicles, and requires 91-octane fuel. Finally, installation requires a laptop with Internet access.

Source: Ford Performance

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