Do you need bite-sized auto-flavored entertainment? “African Racer” could be your dish du jour

It’s always nice to find a little kernel of automotive video on your phone to keep you occupied during downtime. The latest offering we’ve come across is dubbed “African Racer,” and you can stream it directly to your iPhone via a new app called Edition_ctreamer, all for the low price of completely free.

“African Racer” follows the exploits of Gavin Rooke, a South African art dealer hell bent on racing vintage Porsche 911/912’s in a variety of hill climbs and desert rallies. The series documents Rooke’s efforts in short segments ranging from just a few seconds to no more than a few minutes in length, making it perfect for anyone looking for something quick and easy to digest. The videos are beautifully shot and edited, with lovely background music to set the mood and background narration to tell the story.

Anyone interested in checking it out can download the Edition_ctreamer app from iTunes here. The app also offers a variety of video topics to explore beyond the automotive sphere.

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Why It Matters

“African Racer” Web Series Looks Slick On Your iPhone Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 711188
“African Racer” Web Series Looks Slick On Your iPhone Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 711200

“African Racer” seems like a good fit for anyone interested in what it takes to go amateur racing, not to mention anyone interested in old-school Porsches. The clips look good, and utilize a format that’s short and sweet, and are definitely geared towards enthusiasts with a less-than-lengthy attention span.

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