It Is A Revolution In Commercial Shipping

Electrified cargo vehicle can help much more than electric cars when it comes to conserving nature. A couple of months back, DHL and Ford joined hands to develop electric trucks that the former would be using its delivery fleet. This time, it is FedEx and Chanje doing the same thing by introducing electric vans.

Will These Vans Last Long?

After DHL, FedEx Adopts Electrification For Its Fleet Of Trucks
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Just last week, FedEx announced that it is planning to add 1,000 electric delivery vans to its fleet. These will be Chinese-built delivery vans manufactured by Los Angeles-based startup company, Chanje. Although the company is based out of L.A., the vans will be manufactured by its primary investor, FDG Electric Vehicles Ltd in Hangzhou, China.

A total of 100 of these vans will be outright purchases; while the remaining 900 vans will be leased through Chanje-partner Ryder System Inc.

These vans will be used for commercial and residential pick-up and delivery in California.

Been There, Done That

After DHL, FedEx Adopts Electrification For Its Fleet Of Trucks
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FedEx is not new to alternate fuel vans; it already has a few hydrogen cell delivery vehicles manufactured by Workhorse Group. By adding a 1,000 more zero-emission vehicles, FedEx is certainly setting a trend in the industry. The shipping company will also be saving on maintenance and fuel costs when compared to internal combustion vehicles. For the environment, this is a boon. These 1,000 noiseless, smokeless vans will take 1,000 internal combustion vans off the roads.

What Matters

After DHL, FedEx Adopts Electrification For Its Fleet Of Trucks
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Coming to the Chanje vans’ capabilities, they can haul up to 675 cubic-feet and up to 6,000 pounds of goods.

The vans will be able to run for about 150 miles on a single charge. According to Chanje, most domestic delivery routes average about 65 miles in total, making it possible for their vans to run two days without charging them.

Final Thoughts

After DHL, FedEx Adopts Electrification For Its Fleet Of Trucks
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From a general standpoint, 1,000 electric vans seem like a big number, but this is teeny-bit when you consider that FedEx has over 60,000 vehicles in its fleet that deliver more than eight million packages every day! So, for a big fish like FedEx, 1,000 electric vans is a tiny investment, but for a startup like Chanje, it could change the way the company operates. This deal not only adds FedEx to their client-list but also helps build credibility that the company is game for bigger things. If Chanje can capitalize on this, it can mark its presence all over the world by getting into human mobility as well. What are your thoughts on this deal and these electric vans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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