• After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn

Jeep Confirms That The Grand Wagoneer; 7-Seat SUV Debuts September 3

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Jeep just released a couple more teaser images for the upcoming Grand Wagoneer and confirmed that the seven-seat SUV will make its public debut on September 3. That’s less than two weeks until the iconic Grand Wagoneer makes its highly anticipated comeback after almost 30 years. And judging by the teasers, it will be Jeep’s most luxurious vehicle yet.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer details

In case you missed it, Jeep released two teaser shots back on August 14. The first image showed a part of the "Grand Wagoneer" badging on the front fenders. It will feature big lettering in chrome followed by a chrome piece that mimics the American flag. The second teaser shows the start engine button. And it’s quite fancy, featuring a ventilated aluminum ring and a case wrapped in leather with contrast stitching. We can also spot some wood trim in this photo.

Moving over to the more recent teasers, Jeep gives us a good look at the front grille. The element is based on the company's current design language and features seven distinct vertical slots.

Each rectangular slot includes seven dividers, so the front fascia should look imposing. The SUV will also feature big "Grand Wagoneer" lettering on the nose. It seems as if the letters feature some sort of lighting, but it could be just a digital effect.

The second shot shows a round element that sports a wicker-style design on the sides. We’re not certainly sure, but it could be a highly detailed rotary shifter based on its reflection in the surface below, which could be a piano black center console. It appears to be made from aluminum and the sculpting on the side is deep and really detailed. Fancy!

The Grand Wagoneer is Jeep’s first seven-seat SUV in a very long time

After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930280
After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930281
The Grand Wagoneer was officially replaced by the Grand Cherokee, but the two SUVs were built for different segments.

While the Wagoneer was a full-size vehicle, the Grand Cherokee is a midsize hauler. Jeep rejoined the full-size market in 2005 with the Commander, but this nameplate remained in production only until 2010. The Commander was Jeep’s sole seven-seat SUVs in recent decades. The Grand Wagoneer will mark the return of this interior layout after exactly 10 years.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer will go on sale in 2021

After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930282
After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930279

The modern Grand Wagoneer will debut on September 3, but it won’t go on sale until 2021. The full-size SUV will probably be sold for the 2022 model year, so expect customer deliveries to commence in the second quarter of 2021.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer returns after almost 30 years

After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930288

The Jeep Wagoneer was first introduced in 1963, when the company was operating as Kaiser Jeep. The Wagoneer replaced the Willys Jeep Station Wagon, produced from 1946. As was common at the time, the Wagoneer was updated once ever two years. In 1965, Jeep introduced the first upscale version of the SUV, called the Super Wagoneer. Following updates in 1965 and 1967, the Wagoneer was redesigned in 1972, two years after Kaiser Jeep was purchased by American Motors.

After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930285

The Grand Wagoneer nameplate arrived in 1984 as a result of popular demand for the SUV. In 1984, AMC replaced the SJ-generation Cherokee with a new, compact and more fuel-efficient version and introduced an upscale trim called the Wagoneer. The purpose of this move was for the Cherokee Wagoneer to replace the big Wagoneer, but high demand forced AMC to keep the full-size vehicle in production despite its dated design and platform. So the old Wagoneer remained on the market as the Grand Wagoneer. AMC continued to update the SUV and add even more features and Chrysler did the same after it purchased the brand in 1987.

After Nearly 30 Years, The Jeep Wagoneer Is About to be Reborn
- image 930287

The Grand Wagoneer remained in production until 1991, with many improvements rolled out starting 1989. The late Grand Wagoneer models are the most luxurious ever built and are in high demand 30 years later. These vehicles are now considered to have started the luxury SUV trend. On the market for 29 years, the Wagoneer was the longest running American vehicle on the same platform.

The nameplate returned briefly for the 1993 model year as a range-topping version of the ZJ-generation Grand Cherokee. This model was offered during the Grand Cherokee’s first year on the market with a long list of standard features, a unique leather interior, the traditional wood grain body trim, and a V-8 engine.

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