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What did you want to be when you were a kid? If you were like Afzal Kahn, you wanted to go about creating something beautiful, sitting in your folks’ car and just imagining what was possible on four wheels. Kahn pursued that dream by studying architecture, but soon realized he felt unfulfilled designing buildings. From there, he pivoted to cars, turning his “boy racer” hobby into a career by creating custom body pieces and wheels. Still, it wasn’t enough. He wanted to create something more in-depth, and set about designing an entirely new body for one of his all-time favorites – the Aston Martin DB9. “What would this car look like if it evolved? And what would it look like if I designed it?” With that, the Vengeance was born.

Responsible for putting together this six-minute profile are our friends over at /DRIVE, who do a fantastic job conveying Kahn’s passion for design. Using a DB9 chassis for the bones, Kahn tuned and tweaked his ultimate car constantly, finally settling on the look we see today after years of refinement. The video is replete with lovely shots of the car, all set to a dramatic soundtrack in the background, plus a nice bit of the powerplant’s V-12 wail to boot. “I wanted to create something a bit more beastly looking,” Kahn says. What do you think? Does the Vengeance up the Aston’s appeal even further?


Aston Martin DB9

2011 Aston Martin DB9 Exterior
- image 367277

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2016 Aston Martin WB12 Vengeance By Kahn Design Exterior
- image 664830

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