I know that we’ve run several articles on Ferrari drivers behaving badly as of late, so I thought I’d spread it around and talk about Porsche today. Sadly, this story has a horrific end as the Porsche driver ended up dead.

As I read this story of road rage, I had to wonder myself how I would have reacted. For some reason, the driver of a Porsche and Altima got into a dispute, the hulking 6’5" Porsche driver gets out and starts to talk trash. The Altima driver tries to escape in his car, but the Porsche driver blocks him. Witnesses said that "It looked like he was going to rip the kid out of the car." The Altima driver tries to reverse, but there is a car behind him, next the Altima tries to cut to the left but the Porsche driver jumps in front. That is when it happened. The Altima driver floored it and ran over the Porsche driver, "Next thing you know, this guy just went down - wham!" described one witness. The Altima driver travelled a block and then stopped, a witness walked him back to the scene where a police officer arrested him.

With a clear mind and in the safety of my own office, its easy to pass judgment on the Altima driver. However, in the heat of the moment I can’t honestly say what I would have done. You have a muscle bound guy pounding on your hood, saying God knows what, probably making all sorts of threats. Can you afford to wait it out in your car until the police eventually arrive or is the guy going to fish you out of the window? Your natural instinct is to try and escape. What would you do in such a situation?


Source: NY Daily News

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  (137) posted on 05.19.2009

Some proud people thinks they own the road, they own the people around them including their dignity. I not saying that I feel good with what happened but I also have to admit, the Porsche driver pushed it too hard, he learned his lesson, only that there is no more time to reflect on it coz he is now riding a car inside a coffin.

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