You always need a time to play and become a kid again! And why not really enjoy your play? If you are a real car-lover, this latest AI Tech Racers from Tomy are the latest innovation in the slot-style racecars market.

The cars have built-in sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in their path—provided they have room to maneuver—and as a result, they can fly around a track without being locked into slots. Once started, the cars ride on their own, but you can give them a speed burst or hit the brakes if needed.

Price? Cars cost $13 apiece, while sets ranging $35-$100 come with one or two. The top of the line set includes two exclusive cars, 29 track pieces and an electronic lap counter. Available in July!

For more details visit Tomy USA web page!


Source: Gizmodo

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  (6021) posted on 02.21.2008

yeah don’t we all want to be three years old again...

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