Al Gore is looking to make a statement with his two new rides- one for the environment with his acquisition of the two brand new Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Before his "green move" , Gore was driving around in a you-guess it Lexus - which most likely wasnot in hybrid form. On a side not, the Lexus model was most likely a LS- for him to able to trade it in and get two - Mariner Hybrids.

Its about time this guy stepped up to he stands for ie - developments towards a better environment by pushing the gas pedal on his new Mariner Hybrid. Its also a move that many celebrities are taking in order to influence others to buy green vehicles. Who else is getting one?

According to Detroit news, former President Bill Clinton will also be getting one of the Ford Motor Company’s new green machine - except his will be a custom Mariner. What type of custom Mariner Hybrid will Clinton get? Stay Tuned....


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  (780) posted on 10.12.2010

I’m still at a loss as to why Ford keeps Mercury as a second brand. It doesn’t seem to add anything or differentiate itself in any notable way.

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