Alfa Romeo will unveil a cabriolet version of their new MiTo next year at the Geneva Motor Show with sales to begin in late 2009. The MiTo Cabriolet will compete with the MINI Convertible, Audi A3 Cabriolet and forthcoming soft-top Volkswagen Golf.

Based on the Fiat Grande Punto’s platform, the MiTo Convertible will have a length of around 4 meters, and will be offered with a manual folding soft-top.

The MiTo Convertible will be powered by a range of 4 engines, all Turbo (petrol and diesel), that currently range from 90 hp up to 155 hp.

The MiTo convertible will be priced at about £14,000, with the coupe costing somewhere around £12,000.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (520) posted on 06.9.2008

The manual soft top - bad idea, the price - not bad, but I would still chose the coupe!

  (1024) posted on 06.6.2008

You pay 2000 pounds extra just so you can feel the air and then use your hands to raise the top?

Well, that’s stupid.

  (62) posted on 06.6.2008

Nice looking car, but i don’t think that the manual folding soft-top is a good idea. who wants a convertible that when it starts raining you have to pull over, get down, take the soft-top from the boot and install it, when other soft-top convertible you can do that in a few seconds by pressing a button.

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