An Italian hillclimb special that sounds as good as it looks

Located in the north of Italy and surrounded by a jaw-dropping mountain vista, the municipality of Verzegnis has a lot to offer visitors. But beyond the stunning natural beauty and relaxing ambiance, Verzegnis also plays host to an annual hillclimb event. Officially sanctioned by the FIA, a variety of machinery show up every year to play in the twisting switchbacks and narrow two-lane tarmac, including the above-featured Alfa Romeo 4C. One look at this thing is enough to confirm it means business – just check out that aero, the ultra-wide and low stance, and race-ready rubber in the corners. But the real head-turner is coming out the twin exhaust pipes, where a high-strung Formula 3000 V-8 provides a soaring soundtrack.

According to YouTuber 19Bozzy92, the spec sheet is rather impressive – roughly 450 horsepower is on tap thanks to a 3.0-liter Zytek V-8, which is more than adequate considering the whole thing weighs just 700 kg (1,543 pounds). Throw in all the other competition-spec goodies, like upgraded steering, hardcore suspension, and a stripped interior, and this 4C has a ton of potential. Hit play, crank up your headphones, and bask in the sights and sounds of one of Turin’s finest tuned to 11.


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