• Alfa Romeo Alfetta May Return As a Mid-Size Sedan, Sometime Between 2022 And 2026

Rumors of an Italian competitor to the BMW 5 Series are circulating, and it may happen sooner than expected

The long-needed “good marriage” of Alfa Romeo is finally a fact. While the brand was in a rather rough spot, despite churning out a series of great models – the 4C, Giulia, and Stelvio – being under the banner of Stellantis is certainly opening new possibilities. By new possibilities, we mean new models, and, according to a 2021 article from Alfisticrew.com, Alfa Romeo may be working on another rear-wheel-drive, sports luxury sedan, and it may happen sometime between 2022 and 2026.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta May Return As a Mid-Size Sedan, Sometime Between 2022 And 2026
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Under Stellantis ownership, Alfa Romeo now has access to the financial power, needed to develop new cars. While the Tonale compact SUV – Alfa Romeo’s first hybrid vehicle – is thought to be the brand’s new beginning, Alfa is, once again, going back to its roots, bringing back another old name – the Alfetta.

The new Alfa Romeo Alfetta will be the Italian carmaker’s return to the mid-size executive sedan market – a segment in which Alfa hasn’t competed since discontinuing the Alfa Romeo 166, in 2007. While Alfa Romeo hasn’t confirmed the bigger sedan yet, we know something is cooking. Alfa Romeo also promised that a new model will come out every year from 2021 to 2026. The Tonale is already out, followed by the updated Stelvio and Giulia, and more models are being developed, in secret.

Alfa Romeo Alfetta May Return As a Mid-Size Sedan, Sometime Between 2022 And 2026
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Rumors about a mid-size sedan from Alfa Romeo, dubbed the Alfetta, have been circulating for some time. If the rumors are true, the Alfetta is going to directly compete with the BMW 5 Series. Not much is known about the car, but it will, most likely, be based on the company’s Giuseppe platform, which underpins the Giulia and Stelvio. Alfa Romeo aims for a completely electric model lineup, by 2027, so a plug-in hybrid version of the, supposed, Alfetta is not out of the question, assuming Alfa Romeo green-lights the production.

Source: Alfisticrew

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