We’ve all recently had the pleasure to check out the Japan only GT special edition, the Quadrifoglio d’Oro. It was unveiled at the end of July and we had thought it was the mark of many good things to come for Alfa Romeo. Well, we were partly right. We still think great things will be coming out of Alfa Romeo, such as their new Alfa Romeo 8C and their upgraded 159 sedan and station wagon versions, but what won’t be part of Alfa Romeo’s future is the GT. Apparently, the Quadrifoglio d’Oro will be the last Alfa Romeo GT ever built. According to Sergio Marchionne, the GT will go out of production after only 7 years and no successor is currently on the table. Where did it go wrong?

The Alfa Romeo GT was unveiled in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was developed by Bertone as a sporty alternative for the 147 and 156 (sharing the same platform with the two models). However, Alfa Romeo only sold 25,000 units in the Italian market which is where the company had the biggest expectations. Not a good thing. We think one of the biggest mistakes that contributed to the lack of success for the Alfa Romeo GT was Alfa Romeo’s decision to not offer a facelift version for it as initially planned.


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  (317) posted on 08.8.2011

Yeah! This one is really stunning, for all cars that Alfa Romeo had this one is really awesome and stand out.

  (392) posted on 10.7.2010

the Alfa 159 is sized like a BMW 3 series, the new 166 will costs a little less than an 5 series or an Audi A6, and it’ll probably powered by the planned 3000 turbo multi-air. Rear drive that’s hot!

  (158) posted on 09.28.2010

Anybody have any idea about what kind of price range this car would fall into? (More than a top-line 300?)

  (939) posted on 08.12.2010

I could never ask for any better car in terms of style than this one. Though its a sketch

  (23) posted on 08.10.2010

It’s a pity for this beauty - but Marchionne decides...

So: R I P, GT...

Besides: the car was not so sporty: too much pounds...

  (6) posted on 08.10.2010

OK, but because of Alfa Romeo’s return to the U.S. I think they should consider the Mustang, Camaro and the Datsun...I mean Nissan Z market and then come up with a trimmer, lighter 2+2 Alfa sport coupe that turns heads.

  (1333) posted on 08.9.2010

The thought of a RWD-drive Alfa being sold here, stateside, is very nice...but I do hope they cut down a bit on weight. Current LX-platformed cars are (frankly) porkers.

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