The German tuning house Novitec is better known for working their magic on Italian super cars like Ferraris and Maseratis, but with the release of the lovable little Alfa Romeo MiTo, the boys at Novitec couldn’t help but change things up a bit. In doing so the aftermarket modifier has created an exclusive tuning program for the compact Alfa city car, dubbed the Novitec PowerJet 2, the German tuned MiTo makes 31 HP more than from factory, currently making 186 HP with its turbocharged 1.4 Liter four cylinder engine and can run from 0 to 60 MPH in just 7.4 seconds.

The entire exterior of the MiTo has been enhanced, receiving a striking facelift with a centrally mounted cup spoiler in front. From the side the MiTo looks much closer to the ground thanks to the Novitec rocker panels and up to a 65 mm drop if you opt for the Novitec coil-overs. The 18 inch rims come in either a glossy silver or flat black, but wither way they are wrapped in a set of 215/35 Pirelli high performance tires. Out back the Powerjet 2 is pushed to the ground thanks to a Novitec designed roof spoiler and rear diffuser, which looks perfect surrounding the Novitec stainless steel sport muffler.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo has already been awarded countless prizes, due to its compact size, fun to drive nature and amazingly good looks. The Powerjet 2 by Novitec should be no different. The German tuners started off with a good package and made it great, if there is an award for the tuned city car of the year, this Novitec built MiTo should be left standing at the top of the list.

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Press release

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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More power, great design and a sporty heart: NOVITEC presents the exclusive tuning program for the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Engine tuning for the two Diesel models and the gasoline-powered 1.4 TB model is complemented by a strikingly styled aerodynamic-enhancement package. The latter comes with a general operating certificate, eliminating the need for individual technical inspections. Also available from NOVITEC are 18-inch wheels and a height-adjustable coil-over suspension.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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NOVITEC POWERJET 2 is the name of the recipe that increases power output of the MiTo with 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine by 31 hp / 23 kW. Peak torque grows by 30 Nm. The plug-and-play auxiliary control unit can be installed in less than five minutes. The tuned MiTo produces 186 hp / 137 kW and is even more agile: With a sprint time of 7.4 seconds from rest to 100 km/h the tuned 1.4 TB bests its production counterpart by about 0.7 seconds.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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Sophisticated NOVITEC power tuning is also available for the two turbodiesel models. The easy-to-install NOVITEC POWERRAIL 5 module boosts power output of the 1.3 JTD model from standard 90 hp / 66 kW to 110 hp / 81 kW. The same auxiliary control module when installed in the MiTo 1.6 JTD produces an additional 24 hp / 17.7 kW. The tuning module also markedly increases peak torque by some 50 Nm.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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NOVITEC adds further sporty highlights with an aerodynamic-enhancement kit for the smallest Alfa Romeo model. The body kit comes with a general operating certificate which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming individual technical inspections.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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The front of the MiTo receives a striking facelift with spoiler corners left and right plus a centrally mounted cup spoiler.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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NOVITEC rocker panels give the compact car an even lower, sleeker side appearance. The rear of the MiTo is refined with the NOVITEC roof spoiler and diffuser for the rear apron.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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The rear component is also designed to surround the NOVITEC sport rear muffler. The stainless-steel exhausts were developed for maximum power yield and a more exciting exhaust note. They can be combined with one, two or four tailpipes.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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The sporty new look also includes NOVITEC N8 multi-spoke wheels. The 7.5Jx18 wheels are available painted silver or matte black. Pirelli high-performance tires in size 215/35 R 18 were selected as the optimal tire choice.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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NOVITEC sport springs lower the ride height of the MiTo by some 40 millimeters. As an alternative, NOVITEC offers a stainless-steel coil-over suspension with adjustable ride height and adjustable dampers. It gives the Alfa Romeo a firmer ride and a ride-height lowering between 35 and 65 millimeters.

Alfa Romeo MiTo by Novitec
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Source: Novitec

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  (314) posted on 06.4.2009

I never imagined that Mito can be tuned this good. The rear diffuser surrounds the new Novitec sports muffler, which yields a more exciting growl when the engine is wound up, and the system can be combined with one, two, or four tailpipes. New Novitec alloy wheels is the top off the package, and high-performance Pirelli tires ensure the car should stay glued to the road. Great choices for a fun buggy car ugrades

  (421) posted on 06.4.2009

There are no words on UK availability or prices yet, but if you’re unsatisfied with your Mito then head to Novitec’s website for more details. you can also check on the slightly quicker Novitec Ferrari F430.

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