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Alfa Romeo Plans an Electrified Future for the Giulia Because it’s Not All About SUVs

Alfa Romeo’s focus remains on SUVs for now, but the brand doesn’t intend to give up on sedans anytime soon

After years of being in bad shape, Alfa Romeo is finally starting to turn things around for itself, and it’s all thanks to the Stelvio and Tonale SUVs. Outside of these, Alfa Romeo is planning a smaller SUV, which is believed to be called the Brennero, and more recently we learned that the company was gearing up to take on the BMW X5 and X6. Obviously, Alfa Romeo is trying to take every little piece of the overly profitable SUV segment that it can, but this isn’t where the company will always focus all of its efforts, but it’s not just about SUVs.

The Giulia Will Live On Through Electrification

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There have been rumors that Alfa Romeo is planning to take on the BMW 5 Series with a larger-than-Giulia sedan, but whether or not that’s going to happen is a mystery. What we do know, however, is that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will live on to see another generation, but instead of taking on the BMW 3 Series, it’s going to take on the BMW i3. This comes straight from Alfa Romeo CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, who told Automotive News Europe that “We are not abandoning the Giulia. There will be a future Giulia, and it will be an electric-only model.”

The Giulia’s timeline is going to bring some drastic change rather quickly. The current model will undergo a facelift for the 2023 model year. At that point, it’ll be the last time the Giulia as we know it now will exist. Alfa Romeo will transition to an EV-only brand by 2027, at which point, the company will abandon its entire lineup of internal combustion engines. All of this said, you shouldn’t hold out hope to see the Giulietta come back as Imparato has said that the Tonale has essentially taken its place and that there isn’t room in Alfa Romeo’s lineup for a euro-only model because Alfa Romeo is aiming to become a global company.

Alfa Romeo Plans an Electrified Future for the Giulia Because it's Not All About SUVs Exterior
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The Giulietta, however, has effectively been replaced by the Tonale, so don’t expect it to come back anytime soon.

Back to the Giulia EV, it will probably ride on the STLA Medium Architecture instead of the FACE-derived version of the Giorgio platform that Maserati has adapted for the Grecale Folgore. There is, however, some more good news, as Imparato has confirmed that the company is intending to slap the Quadrifoglio badge on its future EV range, so there will be a next-gen Giulia Quadrifoglio as well as the brand’s entire range of SUVs.

So, by 2027, the brand will have an entire electric range of vehicles that will include a large sedan to rival the BMW i7 and Mercedes EQS, a larger SUV to take on the BMW X5, the Giulia EV, the Tonale compact SUV, and the Brennero subcompact SUV. What happens after that is a complete mystery, however, don’t expect the brand to stop its push for dominance anytime soon.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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