Just because the world is focusing on smaller cars, doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. For example Alfa Romeo will not only be using the MiTo platform to make the ultimate hot hatch MiTo GTA, but will now also use the little guy as the basis for a new sports coupe.

Rumored to be called the Junior (the origional name for the MiTo), the new coupe is rumored to share parts with Lancia’s possible rebirth of the Fulvia. Although the Junior isn’t expected to get the MiTo GTA’s 240bhp 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, it should be able to get around on a 1.4-liter turbo four cylinder making 130 hp.

If the current economy doesn’t kill off Alfa’s little coupe, it may be on the streets of Europe by 2011. If we get really lucky (and the 500 does well in the U.S.,) maybe Fiat will drop a few Juniors on the boat to North America.


Source: 4Car

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