We talk about this before but now we have more information. So the new small car from Alfa Romeo will be named Racer and will use a series of engines which will make this one of the fastest cars in the world in his category.

The engine range will include a 180bhp version of Fiat’s new turbo 1.4 and be ready, a turbo 1.8 with no more 230bhp. This last engine is at the top of what can be put in a front wheel drive car. It’s probable that they will use a Q2 limited-slip differential, which improves all the strong points of a front-wheel drive system in terms of active safety, increasing driving enjoyment and control.

These information were confirmed by Fiat CEO, Antonio Baravalle. We know that this car will arrive next year and will be based on Grande Punto platform, including the suspension layout (front struts, rear torsion beam), but will have unique settings.

Alfa Romeo Racer -mini with 230hp
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The Racer is the first Alfa to be known by name instead of numbers, and also to trace new direction in its interior design. The center console will be different from the retro-look, but will still be sporty in a more open, welcoming way.

The car will be light also, thanks partly to a new type of steel shell that can be made thinner at the centre of the panel than at the edges. This technology is already commonly used in car structures, but in two directions instead of one.

You shouldn’t confuse this car with the successor of the 147 .The car that will succeed the Alfa 147 will came three months after the Racer and will be built on a new, Alfa-specific platform rather than being based on the Bravo/Delta HPE.

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