The Alfa Romeo MiTo was supposed to make its American debut later in the year, but fears over how it would go over Americans squashed that possibility. Nevertheless, Alfa Romeo is still bent on shipping a model over the Atlantic and it seems that it has found the car that would be sent over to the US.

According to Alfa Romeo CEO Sergio Cravero, the first Alfa Romeo model to hit the US in more than 15 years is going to be the Giulia sedan. “The Giulia is a car that could be the most interesting for the U.S. market,” Cravero said. “We need to build cars together with Chrysler that have an Alfa Romeo soul.”

Rather than sell the hatchback MiTo, which Cravero thought wouldn’t go so well in America, the Fiat-owned company has decided that the Guilia – the successor to the 159 that Alfa sells in Europe – would be the car that Alfa Romeo hopes would rebuilt the brand in the US and help Fiat’s newly-acquired division, Chrysler, to break even in its own market.

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The goal for Alfa Romeo is to sell at least 250,000 models just to break even. It’s a pretty steep figure to catch, especially with the tenuous state of the auto industry in the US these days. But then again, it`s a challenge Alfa Romeo, which hasn`t been in the US since 1995, is willing to take.

Source: Bloomberg

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