The Italian automaker Alfa Romeo has already blessed the earth with 500 examples of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, when the supply dried up and hopeful owners begged to be able to drive this machine that is the epitome of form and function with a little wind in their hair, Alfa offered up 500 more Spider versions of the 450 HP super car. So now all that is left is for the biscinoe badged automaker is to come up with a factory tuned 8C, and they are planning on producing 100 of them.

Only the most powerful of Alfa’s vehicles are fortunate enough to wear the GTA badge, and despite the fact that the 8C GTA version is scheduled to make its official debut will be made sometime in 2011, Alfa’s engineers have started to hit the books early. Even though the 8C is made from a light weight carbon fiber monocoque, the GTA version will be about 300 pounds lighter and will feature a few improved aerodynamic pieces.

Not only will the Alfa Romeo 8C GTA model will be a lightweight machine, but it will have even more power than the standard Competizione. Alfa hasn’t released any official words just yet, but thanks to the FIAT family, the GTA Alfa could end up being powered by the same high revving V8 found under the hood of the all new drop top Ferrari California, think somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 HP. Either way, the question we are asking Alfa at the moment, is whether the $300,000 Spider will also undergo the GTA treatment.


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