Another Lamborghini design concept has come out of the woodworks, only this time, the study was done by independent designer Amadou Ndiaye.

Amadou Ndiaye's Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 concept design
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Calling it the Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 - a modern rendition of the Lamborghini Espada of the 60’s – Ndiaye named it LA690-4, which stands for “Longitudinale anteriore” (“Front Longitudinal” in English) while the number ‘690’ stands for the car’s supposed horsepower and ‘4’ for its all-wheel drive system. Ndiaye also outfitted the Toro LA690-4 with a front-mid mounted V12 engine and a 7-speed double clutch transmission. As far as the car’s exterior is concerned, the designer opted to use both carbon fiber and magnesium to maintain the car’s weight.

Overall, the Toro LA690-4 looks extremely stylish although we can’t find a uniquely distinct quality about it that Lamborghini hasn’t already used in the past. Nevertheless, it scores with us, both for the aggressive package and the awesome name.


Source: Serious Wheels

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  (815) posted on 01.11.2010

It’s because of the logo of Lamborghini that’s a "toro" or "bull" in english. I really commend the designer of this one that IMO, he’s a genius to create a concept design like this one and I think this will be the future model for Lamborghini.

Uncia  (868) posted on 12.14.2009

It is a little like the LFA, but in all the wrong ways. The LFA is a much smoother, sleeker vehicle but they both have some weird angles here and there.

musclecarfan17  (25) posted on 12.14.2009

Looks like a really cool car. It reminds me of the Lexus LF-A, but this is a legit car.

musclecarfan17  (571) posted on 12.13.2009

For what I know, it’s an upgrade of Lamborghini Espada 60’s to upset Lexus LFA. Well the design was totally "not that great" as the previous designs but I will commend the back design.

Uncia  (868) posted on 12.12.2009

And what’s with saying that this looks like a modern-day Espada? The Espada was a four-seater. I think they meant to say the Jalpa.

Uncia  (868) posted on 12.12.2009

I never understood the big fuss about Lamborghini styling. As far as I’m concerned, every car Lambo has ever put out has been senselessly over-the-top and inconsistently angular. I much prefer the smooth, understated yet distinctive lines of Aston Martin or BMW.

Uncia  (68) posted on 12.11.2009

I like it but it is messy and needs to be simple and clean. Could use some swooping curves to bring about more emotion

Uncia  (11) posted on 12.11.2009

like my last name "toro"

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